AICP Show + Next Awards – 2012 Campaign

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We made the decision to keep the tagline from last year's campaign "All art is advertising. Is your advertising art? to start building an identity for the show.

This year's campaign focused on "The Creative Process", and the idea that since the beginning of time, every artist (and ad person) has gone through the same self-doubt and false starts. We created two videos to illustrate this idea (VIEWABLE ABOVE). We supplemented the video campaign with Twitter and Tumblr posts and ran a print ad in the Superbowl issue of Advertising Age.

The Results

The show received the most entries in its history–20% over last year's.

Between January and March the campaign was featured on:

  1. Advertising Age
  2. Shoot
  3. Agency Spy
  4. Ads of the World
  • Cannonball winner at the 2012 Richmond Ad Show
  • 2012 People's Choice Webby Award - Associations
My Role:
Campaign Strategy + Project Management
Team Members:
Claiborne Buckingham, Van Gould, Phil Hadad, Marybeth Ledesma, David Satterfield
November 2011 - Present
Campaign Site: