Relaunch: the Snack Formerly Known as Snickers Almond

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Snickers Almond Background

A Snickers Almond bar is exactly what it sounds like: a Snickers with almonds instead of peanuts. But this particular Snickers variant has gone through quite the identity crisis. When it launched in 2002 the bar was made with strictly almonds. A relaunch in 2009 cut the almond purity when it then contained both almonds and peanuts. In 2010, they reintroduced the bar with its original recipe (almonds along with almond nougat) sans peanuts.

The Problem

The variant has been out for a number of years, has undergone numerous relaunches, and still no one seems to care. Snickers Almond is not selling well on a national level, and because of that they have some of the most lackluster distribution numbers (in FDMC channels) in the entire MARS family.

The Solution

MARS research shows that the Snickers "bro" target audience is rather indifferent to the benefits of almonds. The lower calorie content and brain-food angles weren't going to work, so we set out in search of more fertile ground. Realizing that the almonds themselves aren't necessarily the focus of the snack, they do however offer a richer satisfaction from the Snickers bar. And with almonds at almost twice the price of peanuts, this richer satisfaction is available for a pretty great value—the same price of a regular Snickers bar. In essence, it's not just a Snickers bar with almonds. It's more like a premium Snickers at a discount.

The Strategy

Exaggerate this richness and turn the low distribution into a positive by encouraging fiscally advantageous snacking. Introducing, Snickers Gold.

Team Members:
Ross Fletcher, Patrick Kraft, Manisha Bhatia
My Role:
Business Objective + Market Analysis, Communication Strategy
April 2012