Gorton’s Seafood – Fisherman Lost at Sea Campaign


Positioning a Brand for Sale


The Gorton's brand has changed hands many times over the last 15 years. The market leader in prepared frozen seafood has gone from General Mills to Unilever to Nippon Suisan USA–each time for a lower multiple.

Business Objective

The world's most recognized seafood brand is plummeting in value. While awareness is high, Nippon Suisan USA needs to create a brand revitalization platform for Gorton's that's capable of attracting a buyer.

Key Finding

The fisherman is no doubt the brand's most valuable asset. But he's also the most damaging (mostly due to the deep association with fish sticks).


To position the brand for an attractive sale, Gorton's needs a low-cost, high impact campaign to re-invigorate the fisherman–generating buzz and demonstrating the brand's potential.

  • Viral Videos
  • Packaging
  • Point of Sale
  • Social Media + Direct Response
Gorton's Seafood
My Role:
Market Analysis + Business Objective, Whale-set Labourer
Team Members:
Ren Toner, David Satterfield, Allison Solomson
February 2012