Conflict-Free Electronics – Cause Related Marketing


Because of its mineral rich soil, rebel militia groups have taken control of hundreds of mineral mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo. These groups are using violence and debt bondage to enslave millions of child and adult miners.

The Facts

Over 99% of consumer electronics made today contain minerals from these mines. Currently, major buyers and electronic companies don't care. New legislation however, if passed, will demand transparency on the origins of all materials found in electronic components.


Most consumers have no idea they are helping to fund the violence.

The Real Cost Campaign

Advertises for the future governing body "the Council for Conflict-Free Electronics". The Television, Print, and Out-of-Home campaign was designed to inform consumers of the real cost associated with their electronics purchases–all without using any association of guilt, or uncomfortable imagery.

Council for Conflict-Free Electronics
My Role:
Brand Development + Strategy
Team Members:
Jenny Dean, Jon Ransom, Ren Toner, Allison Solomson, Thomas Scott, Ben Schneider
December 2010
Full Case Study: